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Clements Hall Local History Group

Exploring the Scarcroft, Clementhorpe, South Bank and Bishophill areas of York

Clements Hall Local History Group

Exploring the Scarcroft, Clementhorpe and South Bank areas of York

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Can you help solve a WW1 puzzle?

Some members of the Clements Hall Local History Group have been researching the devastating effects of the First World War locally. They’ve found two intriguing letters in the archives of Scarcroft School, important eye-witness accounts of the Zeppelin raid on our area in May 1916.

Both letters were written to a lady called Nellie, but unfortunately there is no surname or address. One was written by Nellie’s father, on the notepaper of the Chief Goods Manager, North East Railway. But was it written by the Manager? If not, by whom? What was his home address?

The other letter was written by someone called Jack. Again the letter gives no surname but his address was Holme House, York. However we’ve been unable to trace this address, which from the description of the bombing was somewhere near the South Bank area. This letter also refers to a Phil living in Jack’s house.

Please let us know if you can shed any light on this family, by emailing