Clements Hall
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Clements Hall Local History Group

Exploring the Scarcroft, Clementhorpe, South Bank and Bishophill areas of York

Clements Hall Local History Group

Exploring the Scarcroft, Clementhorpe and South Bank areas of York

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York in close up - front cover

Zoom talk Friday 26 November at 7.30 pm.

Please note this talk will be free to members, and £3 for non-members. Contact for details.

Catherine is a member of our history group and an accomplished photographer, with several books to her name.

For our next talk she'll be taking us on a virtual walk round York, showing you lots of little details hiding in plain sight that often go unnoticed. Above the shop windows and sometimes down on the ground there are some amazing things to be seen, if you have time to just stop and look. 

She can promise you elephants, a unicorn, a whale, a 'ghost' cat emerging from the wall, a one-handed clock, mosaic birds, a permanent rainbow, a woman holding a chocolate orange and stone men about to hurl boulders down on passers by below.