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Exploring the Scarcroft, Clementhorpe, South Bank and Bishophill areas of York

Clements Hall Local History Group

Exploring the Scarcroft, Clementhorpe and South Bank areas of York

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The history of the Terry’s site

One of our members, John Stevens, is researching the history of the Terry's site on Bishopthorpe Road.

Terrys master planThis research traces the history of the Terry’s site on Bishopthorpe Road from its agricultural origins, through to the present day. The site changed dramatically in the late 1920s, when it was chosen by Joseph Terry & Sons as the site for its new confectionery factory. A further major change occurred in 2005, when the factory closed and people started to think about the future use of the site. Today, it is being developed primarily as a residential area.

The research sets the redevelopment of the site in its historic and geographical context. It focuses, in particular, on the planning process, from the initial Planning Brief and Master Planning through to the – as yet unfinished – urban environment of the ‘Chocolate Works’. It questions the extent to which the original aspirations for the site have been achieved.

If you have any information to contribute please contact John Stevens.