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War dead from the Scarcroft School memorial

The following local men are commemorated on the war memorial at Scarcroft School. These are almost all former pupils, apart from teacher Edward Hawthorne. Members of the group have researched their details, using a handwritten record kept by the school in its archives. We're very grateful for help from Hannah Rogers of the York Army Museum in filling in the gaps.


Name Home Address Regiment Remarks
Aked Arthur 27 Wentworth Road 17 N F Pioneers Killed in Action 29.11.1917
Bailey Sam 28 Nunnery Lane M.T. A.S.C Died 22.1.1919
Birch Arthur 21 Drake Street A.O.C Died 14.2.1919 pneumonia
Briskham John W 12 Trinity Lane E.R. Yeomanry Died of wounds 4.10.1918
Buckham Fred. 3 Park Lane, Holgate Grenadier Guards Killed in Action 27.11,1917
Buckle Herbert R 27 Nunnery Lane 21st Batt. K.R. Rifles Missing and reported killed 3.5.1917
Butterfield James 30 Holgate Road A.S.C Gassed. Died June 1917
Camidge Chas. Wm 1 Price Street W.Yorks Killed in Action 23.7.1016
Campbell Thos. Alwyn Park Grove  Royal Horse Artillery Killed in Action 11.10.1917
Child Alf. Herbert 4 Cygnet Street 16th Batt, K.R,Rifles Wounded and discharged, died later
Coates Harold A 3 Tower Place 21st West Yorks Regiment Died of wounds 22.7.1918
Cox Arthur 63 Skeldergate 2/1st Yorks. Hussars Killed in Action 28.6.1918
Crossley C Wilfred 15 Bewlay Street 51st D.L.I Died at Lille as prisoner of war 17.7.1918
Curtis Walter 132 Walmgate Queen's Bays Died 1917
Cuss Frank Shaw 10 Wordsworth Road, Penge,SE20 6th C of London Rifles D.D.M. Loos 15.9.1915. Killed 30.4.1916
Daggitt Harry 28 Dale Street H.M.S. Prince of Wales Drowned 27.6.1917
Douglas John Vine Street W. Yorks Killed in Action 5.9.1917
Duck Walter(William?) H 41 Albemarle Road K.O.Y.L.I Killed in Action September 1915
Gagen John Robert 19 Bishopgate Street 3rd W. Yorks. Killed 23.4.1917
Galtress Arthur 30 Brinkworth Terrace Royal Marines Drowned  H.M.S. Clan McNaughton 3.2.1915
Gray Charles 25 Brunswick Street 3/5th W. Yorks. Gassed. Died December 1917
Gregory Kenneth T 70 Millfield Road 1st T.R.Batt. Attd.D.L.I Reported dead and buried 13.4.1918
Hawthorne Edward Hope  Mount Terrace, Mount Parade R.N.M.C Died in military  hospital Bristol 3.11.16
Hope Robert 25 St Paul's Terrace R.F.A Killed in Action 23.9.1917
Hopkins Alan Waller 56 Skeldergate R.E. Killed in Action 10.6.1918
Hopkins Eric 48 Bishopthorpe Rd Bedfordshire Regiment Killed died 5.5.1915
Horner William Arthur 37 Gladstone Street, Acomb N.E.R. Batt. N.F Wounded 2.12.1917, died 13.12.1917
Jackson Lawrence 8 Nunnery Lane 5th W Yorks Prisoner of War 4.5.1917, reported Killed May ?
Jackson Stanley 8 Nunnery Lane RMLI Killed on HMS Vindictive @ Zeebrugge 23.4.1918
Jefferson Sidney b York, lived and buried Rochester no information Unclear possibly killed in action 3.3.1916
Langdale George Irving 24 Hampden Street 2/4th Lincolns Killed in Action 26.9.1917
Lisle John Wynne 38 Park Grove 15 W. Yorks Missing 3.5.1917, assumed killed
Long  (Ernest ?) 78 Queen Victoria Street 5th W Yorks Killed August 1915
Long Fred. 78 Queen Victoria Street 5th W Yorks Killed 23rd June 1915
McIndoe George Beale's Yard, Dale Street R.F.A Killed in Action December 1917
Maddison Albert 5 Wilton Street, Holgate H.M.S Hawke Drowned October 1914 - torpedoed
Mason Thomas 59 Caroline Street Household Battalion Life Guards Missing 3.5.17, reported dead 4.3.1917
Moore John 18 Nunnery Lane 5th W Yorks Died 4.3 1917
Mountain William 29 Moss Street W Yorks Killed in Action 4.10.1918
Nelson J W 4 Spencer Street R.N.V.S Killed in Action 23.12.1917
Newbigin Thomas J 33 Bootham Row E. Yorks Killed in Action 23.4.1915
Pounder Alfred W 54 Moss Street 5th W Yorks Killed in Action 27.12.1915
Rennison Charles 80 Nunnery Lane 32nd Y Motor Co Killed in Action 4.11.1918
Richardson Linden 9 Millfield Road R.F.C Accidentally killed 24.4.1918
Richardson Thomas 5 South Mount Terrace R.A.F Killed 3.12.1918
Ruff Samuel 37 Scarcroft Hill Duke of Wellingtons Killed in Action died 17.1.1916
Seymour Bert 14 Scarcroft Road 3rd I.I.O Killed in Tank August 1917
Shepherd Albert 14 Knavesmire Crescent 5th N.F Died of wounds 6.10.1918
Simpson Alwyn J 20 Spurriergate R.A.F Accidentally killed in Egypt 29.9.1918
Sims William E 20 Moss Street A.C.C Killed 6.5.1917
Skerry J.B Bishopthorpe Road Middlesex Reg. Killed in Action 2.6.1916
Skilbeck Harry 18 Finsbury Street R.F.A Died of wounds 29.3.1918
Stephenson J. Maynard 48 Holgate Road Green Howards Killed 8.9.1916
Stroughair Stanley Albemarle Road King's Royal Rifles Killed 3.9.1916 (Battle of Somme)
Taylor Daniel 20 Falconer Street 26 I.B.D Killed 19.4.1918
Taylor John Henry 31 Bishopthorpe Road R.E. Killed in Action 8.7.1915
Thirlby Walter 65 Holgate Road R.F.A Killed 12.2.1918
Thompson Frederick 33 Caroline Street N.F. Died of wounds 3.4.1916
Toes Arthur 10 Victoria Street R.A.F. Killed (bombing expedition) 27.10.1918
Ward William Henry Toft Green 17th W. Yorks Killed in Action 23.4.1918
Wilcock Harry 42 Price Street 1/5th W. Yorks Killed in Action died 20.8.1915
Winteringham Harold 76 Thorpe Street N.F. Killed in Action 4.10.1917
Woodall Ernest Hob Moor Terrace H.M.S Cullist Drowned Feb. 1918 (HMS Cullist, decoy ship, torpedoed)
Worfolk Harold Russell Street Mercantile Marine Presumed sunk and drowned 1918
Wray Ernest W Scott Street  R.E. Killed in Action 11.10.1916
Young W 24 Petergate K.O.Y.L.I Killed in Action 11.10.1916

 Key to abbreviations

A.C.C. Army Cyclist Corps
A.O.C Army Ordnance Corps
A.S.C. Army Service Corps
D.L.I Durham Light Infantry
E.R. East Riding
I.B.D Infantry Base Depot
K.O.Y.L.I King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
K.R. Rifles King’s Royal Rifles
M.T.A.S.C. Motor Transport Army Service Corps
N.E.R. North Eastern Railway
N.F. Northumberland Fusiliers
R.A.F Royal Air Force
R.E. Royal Engineers
R.F.A. Royal Field Artillery
R.F.C. Royal Flying Corps
R.M.L.I. Royal Marines Light Infantry
R.N.M.C. Royal Navy Medical Corps
R.N.V.S. Royal Navy Volunteer Service