Clements Hall
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Clements Hall Local History Group

Exploring the Scarcroft, Clementhorpe, South Bank and Bishophill areas of York

Clements Hall Local History Group

Exploring the Scarcroft, Clementhorpe, South Bank and Bishophill areas of York

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Bishophill timeline

These are features marked on the British Historic Towns Atlas Vol V York


Several baths. Temple of Mithras. Temple of Serapis. A fountain and a possible Forum.

Roman Road from Tadcaster, plus road where Trinity Lane is now?


6th to 9th centuries

North St and Skeldergate

Christ Church later Holy Trinity

St Mary Bishophill Junior Church


900 to 1066

More streets added: Micklegate; Gregory (now Barker Lane) and Trinity Lane then Littlegate (now Bishophill Senior); Lounlithgate (later St Mary’s Row then Victor St; Besingate? (now Lower Priory St); [Bishophill Junior?]; [St Martin’s Lane]; [Fetter Lane]; [part of Cromwell Rd]; [Toft Green Tanner Row etc]. Micklegate Bar (HA pic)

St Mary Bishophill Senior Church

St Martin’s Church

St Gregory’s Church



All Saint’s Church.

St Mary Magdelen, [Toft Green] and The King’s House next to the walls

Old Baile



Dominican Friary alongside the walls.

Fountains Abbey hospice, North St

St Nicholas next to Holy Trinity



St John the Evangelist.

Council Chamber on Ouse Bridge



St William’s Chapel on Ouse Bridge (HA pic x 2), also Kidcotes medieval prisons on either side of bridge

Baile Hill



Friars Gardens by the walls, [Toft Green]

Wright’s Almshouses on Bishophill Junior

Towers’ Folly

Friends Burial Ground, St Mary’s Row

Middleton’s Hospital, Skeldergate

Buckingham House, Bishophill Senior



Love Lane alongside the Wall

Toft Green, Tanner Row



Kirk Lane leading to St Mary the Elder from Skeldergate

Skeldergate Postern

Lady Hewley Almshouse

North St Postern (HA pic)



Colton’s Hospital

Micklegate House, Bathurst House and Thompson House on Micklegate

Trinity Gardens

Now debtors’ prison on Ouse Bridge

Queen’s Staith – which Queen?



The area was split between after the 1835 Municipal Corporations Act, into Castlegate Ward and Micklegate Ward.



House of Correction demolished in 1836 at NW corner of walls

House of Correction (City Gaol) at Baile Hill. (HA pic)

Bishophill British School

Dodsworth School

Wellington Row



Rosemary Lane. Bitchdaughter Tower - old.

The Cranegarth, Old Crane and Crane Tower on riverside at Skeldergate Postern. Also ne Crane and Corn Mill. Topham’s Staith. Sawmill.

St Mary’s Row labelled.

Victoria Bar (at Lounlith)

Albion Chapel and Wesleyan School, Albion St

Queen’s Staith Road

Scrivener’s Court

Queen’s Hotel Micklegate

New Bridge St

Corn Mill, North St

Hudson St, Rougier St

Church Lane, All Saints

Gray’s Court

North St Row, Tanner’s Moat, Simpson’s Row

Bar Lane

Old Railway Station (HA pic), The Railway Hotel, brewery

North St Postern – old


1852 parishes

All Saints North St

St Martin-cum-Gregory

St John the Evangelist

St Mary Bishophill Senior

St Mary Bishophill Junior (part)

Holy Trinity Micklegate (part)