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Exploring the Scarcroft, Clementhorpe, South Bank and Bishophill areas of York

Clements Hall Local History Group

Exploring the Scarcroft, Clementhorpe, South Bank and Bishophill areas of York

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Historic pubs of Bishophill


Possibly unsurprisingly there were many public houses in the area, over 100 of these, some dating from as early as the 17th century. They were mainly concentrated in key streets: 

  • Micklegate and Bridge St

  • Tanner’s Moat, Tanner Row, George Hudson St and Rougier St

  • North St and the riverside

  • Skeldergate

  • Trinity Lane

Some were also hotels, so there is an overlap here with the next section. There were a few other pubs in the smaller streets of Bishophill. (This list does not include pubs and bars licensed in modern times, such as Brewdog, Brigantes and the Jalou Cocktail Bar on Micklegate.)

A key source is Hugh Murray‘s Directory of York Pubs 1455-2004, where he also explains the difference between the different kinds of premises. Other sources are trade directories, the census and the British Newspaper Archive. 




Priory, Micklegate

Earliest mention 1818 as the Coach and Horses. Later known as the Little Coach and The Coach and the Phalanx and Firkin. Renamed 2003 as The Priory.

Bar Hotel, Micklegate

Hotel in 1861 then pub by 1902. Renamed as The Micklegate in 2002, then Scruffy Murphy’s

Nag’s Head, Micklegate

Mentioned in 1772. Grade II listed

Punch Bowl, Micklegate

Mentioned 1783. In 1820s known as the Fox and Hounds. Included the butcher’s shop in 1974. Grade II listed.

Barefoot, Micklegate

Previously The Artichoke from 1783, by 1795 The Harty Chalk! The Horse Barefoot, named after a St Leger winner in 1823. Possibly also the pub called The Bear’s Paw, mentioned in 1891. Closed 1927. Later on site was Harry’s Café Bar in 1984  and The Bedroom opened 2002

Red Lion, Micklegate

Noted as early as 1688. Closed 1939 and licence transferred to The Winning Post

Falcon, Micklegate

Mentioned 1715 Also known as The Old Faucon, later Rumours 2002. Grade II listed.

Blue Bell, Micklegate

Mentioned 1795, later The Bell by 1867. Closed 1937 and licence transferred to The Imperial.

Board, Micklegate

Mentioned 1872. Last appeared 1970. Reopened as Walker’s Bar in 1973. W Bar in 2002

Crown, Micklegate

The Crown mentioned 1733. Also the Rose and Crown and the Golden Cup, the Grapes then Burland’s Coffee House. Closed as Crown? in 1981

York Minster, Micklegate

Mentioned 1727. Later The Minster and Minster Coffee House

Cowper, Micklegate

Where the Corpus Christi Plays were to be performed in 1569

Cressand, Micklegate

Mentioned in 1550, in parish of St Martin-cum- Gregory

Pack Horse, Micklegate

Mentioned 1733. Closed 1957 and licence transferred to Old Ebor in Nunnery Lane

Old Pack Horse, Micklegate

Mentioned in 1778 later The Pack Horse

Horse and Jockey, Micklegate

Mentioned in 1841

Queen’s Hotel, Micklegate

Opened 1845. Closed 1971

Whitesmith’s Arms, Micklegate

Later shortened to the Smiths’ Arms

Sun, Micklegate

Mentioned in 1604

Three Kings, Micklegate

Mentioned 1554 and 1604

Jolly Bacchus, Bar Lane

Mentioned 1666 also later referred to as The Boy and Barrel. Closed for street improvements 1873, and licence transferred to The Melbourne.

Board, 5 Bridge St

Mentioned 1822. Later Rooke’s Dram Shop, then New Bridge St Hotel, Bridge Hotel, then The Board, then The Old No 5 by 1902. Now The Tank and Paddle.

Duke’s Head, Bridge St

Mentioned 1688. Duke of Cumberland’s Head after 1745




Tanners Moat etc


Maltings, Tanner’s Moat

Previously The Railway Tavern and The Lendal Bridge Hotel. Became The Maltings in 1992.

Ebor Tavern and Brewery, Tanners Moat

Mentioned 1840, originally The Railway. Replaced 1888 House

The Old Ebor, Tanner Row

Beerhouse from 1872, by 1881 Ebor Commercial House

Cricketer’s Arms, Tanner Row

Mentioned from 1846, closed 1939.

Railway Hotel, Tanner Row

Opened 1841, later known as Scawit’s Railway Hotel. Also incorporated The Railway Tap by 1891

Railway Inn, Tanner Row

Mentioned in 1879. Known previously as The Railway Coffee House, The Refreshment Inn and The North Eastern Refreshment Inn, By 1881 The Grapes. Closed 1978 later Jeeves Restaurant

Brewers Arms, Tanner Row

Mentioned 1841. Closed 1907. Renamed Flares in 2002.

Lamb, Tanner Row

Mentioned 1787. Closed 1910.

Bay Horse, Tanner Row

Mentioned 1823

Burns Coffee House, Tanner Row

A beerhouse next to the Great Northern Hotel, 1857-61. A temperance hotel by 1867

Commercial Hotel, Tanner Row

A temperance hotel in 1893. Granted a beer licence in 1895. Demolished ca 1907 for new tram lines

Unicorn, Tanner Row

Mentioned 1804. Then The Oddfellows Arms, then back to The Unicorn in 1838 and 1841. In 1985 The Corner Pin

Flying Dutchman, Tanner Row

Mentioned 1860

George, Tanner Row

Built 1855. In 1861 renamed The North Eastern Hotel. Closed in 1899

Kingston, Tanner Row

Pre 1869 beer house named after a railway engine, Closed 1984

Sir Sidney Smith, Tanner Row

Mentioned 1818 changed to The Sun Inn 1843 closed ca 1892




George Hudson St etc


Railway King, George Hudson St

Originally The Adelphi, a temperance hotel in 1851. Built on the site of an earlier pub The Royal Oak, later The Ship in 1647. The Adelphi got a licence in 1880. Renamed as The Railway King in 1971. More recently Edward’s, Reflex 2003 and Popworld.

Great Northern Hotel, George Hudson St

Opened 1852. Changed to The Pageant in 1966 then back to Great Northern in 1884 and Merlin’s in 1994

Pavilion, Railway St

Mentioned in 1881

Victoria Hotel, Railway St

Mentioned 1857.Closed 1970

Grob and Ducat, Rougier St

Previously The Old Ebor closed 1927, then became this in 1976 then Richard III in 1980 later Macmillan’s in 1990. Later Bar Salvation




North St


Black Boy, North St

Mentioned 1750, demolished 1849 for St John’s Church School building

British Tar, North St

Mentioned 1843. Also known as The Fortunate Tar. Closed 1907.

Grey Horse, North St

Mentioned 1846. Originally known as The Sawyer’s Arms. Also known as The Grey Mare, The Neptune (1861)  and The Newcastle Arms in 1867. Closed 1907

Yorkshire Hussar, North St

Mentioned 1841, also called The Yorkshire Tavern, The Other Tap and Spile and The First Hussar (1997). Now the Whippet Inn?

Cross Keys, North St

Mentioned 1783, last mentioned 1867.

Crown, North St

Previous The Tiger or The Leopard, became The Crown and Cushion by 1848, then known as The Crown. Closed 1931.

Anchor, North St Postern without

Mentioned 1834

Durham Ox, North St Postern without

Mentioned 1843-72

Bay Horse, North St

Mentioned 1795

Blue Bell, North St

Mentioned 1839 and 1855

Board, North St

A beerhouse mentioned 1834-43

Buck, North St

Mentioned 1795

Checker, North St

Mentioned 1783. The Sun by 1787

Dog, North St

Mentioned 1780

Faulcon, North St

Mentioned 1727

George and Dragon, North St

Mentioned 1767 and 1764

Globe, North St

Mentioned 1787

Golden Anchor, North St

Mentioned 1773

Greyhound, North St

Sold in 1819

Hudson’s Arms, North St

Mentioned 1848

King of Prussia, North St

Mentioned 1770

Man and Horses, North St

Mentioned 1787

Mitre, North St

Mentioned 1748

Star, North St

Mentioned 1782

Sun, North St

Mentioned 1782-95

Telegraph Arms, North St

Mentioned 1851-67

Church Yard, Church Lane

Mentioned 1787 and 1795. Possibly became 1818 Crispin’s Arms. Demolished 1897





Bonding Warehouse, Skeldergate

Converted into a pub and steak house 1981.Closed due to flooding 2000. Now offices and residential. Grade II listed

Cock and Bottle, Skeldergate

Formerly The Plumber’s Arms, pre 1869 which closed in 1964 and was rebuilt under the new name. Also briefly The Villers.

Forester’s Arms, Skeldergate

Mentioned 1840, previously The Labourer (1822) and The Three Tuns. By 1861 was The Prince of Wales. Closed 1913

Elephant and Castle, Skeldergate

Mentioned in 1730 but previously The Elephant. A coaching terminus. Closed 1958

Elephant and Falcon, Skeldergate

Mentioned 1745, previously The Old Post House

Albert, Skeldergate

Mentioned 1777 as The Bay Horse but changed to The Albert by 1872. Closed 1938

Ship, Skeldergate

Mentioned 1774. Closed 1889.

Blue Bell, Skeldergate

Mentioned 1781 and 1795

Cock and Crown, Skeldergate

Mentioned 1743

Cross Pipes, Skeldergate

Mentioned 1781 and 1783

Jolly Sailor, Skeldergate

Mentioned 1818-79, demolished for new bridge

Pack Horse, Skeldergate

Mentioned in 1783 closed in 1937

Packet House, Skeldergate

Mentioned in 1841

Putrid Arms, Skeldergate

! Mentioned in 1818

Rising Sun, Skeldergate

Mentioned in 1773

Steam Hammer, Skeldergate

Mentioned 1897

White Horse, Skeldergate

Mentioned 1688. Closed 1931

Anchor, Queen’s Staith

Mentioned 1885.  Previously The Golden Anchor (1764/7) and Queen’s Staith Inn. 1858-79. Closed 1907. Converted to Skeldergate Mission for Methodists.

Trinity Lane


Jacob’s Well Inn, Trinity Lane

Served as an inn in 1749. Mentioned 1822. Belonged to the Feoffes of Holy Trinity Licence surrendered in 1903 and transferred to The Edward VII on Nunnery Lane.

Cricketer’s Arms, Trinity Lane

Mentioned 1834, Previously The Square and Compass 1818, The Cup and Compass and The Cricket Ground, later The Seven Stars and The Half Moon. Closed 1910

Board, Trinity Lane

Mentioned 1857. Also in 1902 an alternative name for The Trinity House Hotel. Closed 1923

Crown and Cushion, Trinity Lane

Mentioned 1849

Greyhound, Trinity Lane

First mentioned 1777 also The Hare and Greyhound (1747). Also Upholsterer’s Arms 1823 or Upholder’s Arms

Recruiting Serjeant, Trinity Lane

Mentioned 1783-95

Windmill, Trinity Lane

Mentioned 1783 and 1785





King William IV, Fetter Lane

Mentioned 1834. Previously The Golden Ball (1688) and The Golden Lion. Closed 1927.

The Ackhorne, St Martin’s Lane

Mentioned 1783. Later known as The Acorn but renamed 1993

Golden Ball, Cromwell Rd previously St Mary’s Row, Victor St

Mentioned 1773. Possibly The Globe in 1817. The pub as a co-operative. Listed.

Board, Bishophill Senior

Mentioned 1858

Hound, St Mary Senior Bishophill

Mentioned 1787

Malt Shovel, St Martin-cum-Gregory

Mentioned 1783

 See Hugh Murray A Directory of York pubs 1455-2004 (Voyager, 2004)