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Clements Hall Local History Group

Exploring the Scarcroft, Clementhorpe, South Bank and Bishophill areas of York

Clements Hall Local History Group

Exploring the Scarcroft, Clementhorpe, South Bank and Bishophill areas of York

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Other Commercial and Manufacturing Premises

There are numerous other ‘fleeting’ references to manufacturing or commercial activities in Clementhorpe. A business may be recorded because it has been sold, because the employer or employee has done something noteworthy or the owner has gone bankrupt. Some examples include:

  • The Yorkshire Gazette of 5 March 1842 announced the move of one of Clementhorpe’s oldest businesses to a new site at the Royal Mail Coach Yard. The business in question was “the oldest and original Hackney coach, post-horse and carriage establishment” belonging to James Thackray

  • The Yorkshire Gazette of 20 October 1855 announced the letting of “the building, lately occupied as a factory, containing three rooms, 72 by 253 feet”, and suitable for use as workshops or granaries.

  • The Yorkshire Gazette of 1 December 1860 announced that a beer house and brewing plant on the north side of Darnborough Street was available to let.

  • The York Herald of 16 March 1872 announced the sale of “valuable and extensive manufacturing premises” by Mr Thomas Walker in an auction at the Black Swan.

  • The York Herald of 21 October 1882 announced the retirement of James Robertson, partner of James Eggo. Together they had traded as Eggo and Co. of the Star Mills, Clementhorpe. The company manufactured patent medicines, including sheep dip.

  • The Yorkshire Evening Press of 21 January 1885 referred to “George Frederick Pierce and Joseph Pepper Wright “trading as G. F. Pierce and J. P. Wright at Clementhorpe, York, manufacturers of preserved provisions.”

  • The 3 July 1886 edition of the Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser reported a company called Drake and Wright, manufacturing confectionery at premises in Clementhorpe.

  • The Hull Daily Mail of 24 September 1935 contained an advertisement for sugar boilers and pastille hands to work at the company of Stanley’s Winter Nips Ltd. of Clementhorpe. “First class men only need apply.”

  • On 26 October 1937 the Leeds Mercury reported a crash involving staff of Messrs. Stanley, confectioners of Clementhorpe.

In some cases we can trace the development of specific businesses at different stages in their life cycle. For example:

On 9 October 1942 the Yorkshire Evening Post carried an advertisement for “Sheet Metal Workers (male/female) wanted for work of national importance.” The advert was placed by Portifex Ltd. of Clementhorpe Works off Bishopthorpe Road. On 5 September, the same company had been advertising for a power press.

The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer of 11 August 1945 reported the voluntary liquidation of Clementhorpe Works off Charlton Street. The works had belonged to Rubber Manufacturers, Sheet Metal Workers and Engineers Ltd., trading under the name of Portifex Ltd, and located off Charlton Street.

Other documents refer simply to the development and redevelopment of land and premises in Clementhorpe, for example:

  • In the Yorkshire Gazette of 13 October 1855 twenty cottages in St. Clement’s Place were to be sold at auction at the King’s Arms, Fossbridge.

  • The York Herald of 18 January 1876 described a proposed new wharf in Clementhorpe, accompanied by a dock for visiting vessels to shelter.

  • The Yorkshire Gazette of 24 July 1880 advertised the sale of land in Clementhorpe suitable for builders or manufacturers. The seller was Mr R. B. Richardson. On 31 July 1880 the Yorkshire Gazette reported that Mr R. B. Richardson was selling by auction at the Queen Hotel a plot of land that could be used for building cottages and workshops. The plot would have continued the line of Ebor Street.

  • The York Herald of 1 December 1880 advertised the sale of building ground at Clementhorpe on the north side of Darnborough Street, belonging to Richard Darnborough, deceased.

  • On 11 September 1896 the Yorkshire Evening Press advertised “Stables to let, and a coach house with yard, situate Clementhorpe.”

  • The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer of 30 March 1920 announced the sale by auction of a freehold factory site and buildings in Clementhorpe “with river frontage, formerly a rope works, and now let off in allotments. The premises belonged to a Mr Arthur.