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First World War dead from our area

You might not be aware of the tremendous impact of the First World War on our neighbourhood. Many servicemen who lived in our streets were either killed or injured in the service of their country. This map locates the next-of-kin of military personnel killed as a result of the conflict. This is just one district of York outside the city walls: Nunnery Lane, Clementhorpe and South Bank. The information came from the War Office, but it’s probably provisional and incomplete, as there would have been later casualties. Exact house locations may differ in some cases due to changes to street numbering since 1918.


Next-of-kin addresses for local war dead    

 (Data source: Explore York Libraries and Archives, TC 1378/1.)

St Clement’s Church Parish Memorial (for more information on this see the UK National Inventory for War Memorials)

Arthur Toft and Maurice Challoner

Arthur Toft died in Belgium on 19 April 1918 after being wounded by a flying shell fragment. Maurice Challoner was killed in action in France on 8 May 1917. They had attended Cherry Street School, Clementhorpe, and are commemorated on memorials in St Clement’s Church.Arthur’s parents were from Sherburn, and Arthur spent the early part of his life in Appleton Roebuck. By the time he was eight the family had moved to a more urban area again to 47 Caroline Street, off Bishopthorpe Road, York. By 1911 they had moved to 87 Nunnery Lane.



Maurice Challoner lived nearby at 86 Nunnery Lane, the family having moved from 15 Bishopthorpe Road. Both boys left school at fourteen. Maurice went to work in his father’s pawnbroker business, and Arthur to S. Border & Son, a grocer and café in Coney Street. Life experience could not have equipped them for war which was declared in August 1914.Arthur joined the 1/5th West Yorkshire Regiment in May 1915 and was at the front just over a year later. Maurice left the family business to join the 1/5th West Yorkshires in March 1916. The following September Arthur was gassed and returned to England for treatment. He recovered sufficiently to return to action in June 1917, but Maurice Challoner had been killed in action in May, aged 21. Less than a year later Arthur was dead, aged twenty. Both boys were the youngest sons of their families.Private 201209 Arthur Toft is buried at Hooge Crater Cemetery, West Vlaanderen, Belgium.

Private 201986 Maurice Challoner is buried at Croisilles Railway Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France and is commemorated in the King’s Book in York Minster.


List of men from our area who were killed in WW1

For the men recorded on the Scarcroft School Memorial follow this link.

While we do have a small amount of extra information about some of the other men who died, we know very little about them in general. We’re keen to make contact with their descendants, to fill gaps in their details or make corrections. (See the bottom of the page for a key to abbreviations). You may even have memorabilia such as diaries and letters from the period. If you are able to help please contact us on


Surname First names Rank Age Address of next-of-kin Died Regiment UK War Memorials
Acomb Horace 2nd Lt   5 South Parade 21/08/1916 Yorks Hussars  
Agar Henry Pte.   19 Colenso St. 27/03/1918 21 btn. WY KB, SC
Aked Arthur Pte. 25 27 Wentworth Rd. 29/11/1917 17 btn. NF KB, SP, SC
Anderson Robert C.S.Mjr. 25 62 Lr Ebor St 18/10/1916 5 btn. WY SB,LR,SC,KB
Atkinson Herbert Watson Srgt. 26? 2 Scarcroft Hill 14/09/1916 8 btn. WR KB, SC,SCS
Balance Samuel Srgt. 20 42 Prices Lane 12/01/1916 Kings (L’pool)  
Barnes John Pte. 31 28 Dove St 13/11/1914 8/Coy/2nd/KOYLI KB; SM
Batchelor Harry Pte. 30 15 Charlton St. 28/04/1917 North’land Fus.  
Bean C unknown   24 Adelaide St unknown unknown  
Bell Thos Francis Pte. 27 18 Charlton St 23/08/1918 2 bn KOYLI KB
Best George Henry Pte. 27 3 William St. 19/04/1918 KOYLI  
Birch Arthur Cpl. 28 21 Drake St. 14/02/1919 RAOC  
Blowman Charles Wm. Gnr. 22 22 South Bank Avenue 06/07/1917 RGA  
Boldison Arthur Lance Sjt. 26 3 Anne Street 14/07/1916 1st/5th btn. WY (POWO)  
Bolton Philip Henry Dvr.   43 Victoria St. 23/08/1916 RFA KB; SC,SCS
Bond Edward Pte.   21 Brunswick St. 11/02/1915 EYR Not in KB
Booth Arthur Pte. 27 72 Brunswick St 28/01/1917 KOYLI KB
Braithwaite John Henry Gnr. 20 11 Colenso St. 12/03/1918 RFA KB; SC, SCS
Brooks Albert Guardsman   2 Board St 25/09/1916 Grenadier Guards  
Brown Fred Pte. 28 14 Millfield Rd. 29/06/1919 2 bn WYR SCS
Brown John Edward Capt. 33 44 Scarcroft Rd. 14/09/1918 RFA KB
Butcher William Spr. 21 39 Vine Street 31/08/1919 RE  
Butler George H. Cpl. 29 30 Ebor Street 28/09/1917 RFA  
Cade John Pte. 24 7 Clementhorpe 09/06/1916 1st/5 Lincs KB
Cairns Robert Henry C.S.Mjr. 29 15 Queen Victoria St. 21/02/1916 WYR KB
Cammack George Frederick Private   13 South Parade 23/10/1915 Army Service Corps  
Cammidge Charles Wm. Pte.   1 Price St 23/07/1916 12 bn. WY SM; Not in KB
Campbell John Capt. 25 29 Nunthorpe Ave 28/04/1917 2 RM Marine Inf  
Carr Herbert Pte. 26 8 Beresford Street 31/08/1917 Northants Yeomanry  
Carroll John Edwin 2/Lt. 19 5 Cygnet St 03/05/1917 28 bn. R. Fus KB; SM, SCS
Challoner Maurice Blyton Pte. 20 86 or 88 Nunnery Lane 08/05/1917 WYR KB, SCS
Clark Herbert Henry Pte. 26 62 Cromwell Rd. 11/01/1917 4 bn. YR D
Clark Aaron L/C. 34 100 Brunswick St 04/10/1916 RE KB
Clark Harry Pte. 33 79 Caroline St/Price St. 16/10/1916 WYR SCS
Close Archibald Gnr. 35 ‘Havercourt’, Bewlay St 24/10/1917 RFA  
Coates Thos Nathaniel Dvr. Far. 36 4 Nicholson’s Terrace, Price St 12/05/1917 Army Service Corps SM
Croft Thomas Albert Srgt. 33 6 Cygnet St. 10/03/1915 2 bn WYR KB; SM, SCS
Cromack Ernest Pte. 26 38 Victoria St 11/11/1916 YLR KB
Daggett Harry Able Smn. 20 28 Dale St. 17/06/1917 HMS Tartar KB SM PN
Davis John George Edgar Pnr. 23 40 Lower Ebor St 07/06/1917 RE KB, SCS
Dawson Harry A. Pte. 24 1 Lower Ebor St 24/01/1916 2 bn YLR KB
Dawson John Bertram Pte. 28 39 Brunswick St. 04/08/1917 5 bn KOYLI KB
Dewse Frederick Pte   7 Spenser St 03/04/1917 Lincs Regiment  
Dick Harold James Gnr. 22 “Langholme”, B’thorpe Rd. 22/03/1919 RG Artillery KB Buried York Cemetery
Dickenson Harold Robert Gnr. 35 2 Wilson’s Yard, Dale St. 20/01/1918 93 bgde RFA KB
Douglas Jack Pte. 31 7 River St. 10/09/1917 Lab Bn YR KB
Douglas George Pte. 33? 7 25 L. Ebor St. 29/03/1918 WY KB
Eastwood Ernest Pte   Curzon Terrace 11/04/1917 Highland Light Inf.  
Edgar John Geo Davis Pte. 23 40 Lower Ebor St. 17/06/1917 47 sig. RE  
Elders John Francis 2/Lt. 24 50 Thorpe Street 28/10/1917 London Rgt.  
Ellis Sydney unknown   43 Moss St unknown unknown  
Empson Frederick Lancelot unknown   29 Wentworth Rd   unknown  
Gambles William Dennis Pte. 23 19 Clementhorpe 20/09/1917 2 Cy Australian Mach Gun Corps KB
Gaunt Edward 2/Lt. 32 67 Brunswick St. 28/09/1916   KB
Gee Frederick Wm. Able Smn. 25 9 Nunmill Street 29/02/1916 HMS Alcantara  
Gibson Sydney Charles Pte. 24 26 Scarcroft Rd. 01/07/1916 10 bn WY KB, SCS
Gladwin Albert Ewart Pte. 20 Kentmere House, Scarcoft Hill 31/07/1917 1st bn Royal Fusiliers KB
Glover Matthew Henry Gnr. 25 82 Queen Victoria St. 20/09/1918 Royal Garrison Artillery KB SP
Goodrick Frank Tpr. 35 5 Windsor St. 09/08/1916 NZEF KB
Goodwill C. 2/Lt. 29 S’field Cot. Swann St. 03/09/1916 5th btn. WY (POWO)  
Gray Charles Pte. 21 25 Brunswick St. 25/07/1917 1st/5th WY KB
Haddington Arthur Wm. Cpl. 19 21 Norfolk Street 06/12/1917 2nd/4th btn. Lincs. Rgt.  
Hall George Wm Spr. 26 33 Lower Ebor St. 13/10/1916 69 Field Co. RE TS; KB
Hall Henry Stewart Pte. 21 34 Dove St. 15/09/1916 8 bn. KOSB KB; SM,SCS
Hall Albert Edward Pte. 30 25 Trafalgar St. 27/05/1918 8btn.Machine Gun Corps  
Hardisty Geo James Pte. 21 10 Cambridge St. 28/04/1917 25btn. NF (Irish)  
Harton Thomas Pte. 27 17 River St 17/02/1915 2 bn. EY KB
Hawkins Alfred Pte. 19 33 Nunnery Lane 02/07/1916 10bn. WY KB
Hick George Pte. 32? 3 Swann St. 03/08/1916 1st/5th bn. WY TS SM
Holmes R.E. unknown   79 Curzon Tce unknown unknown  
Hopkins Eric Norman 2/Lt. 24 48 Bishopthorpe road 05/05/1915 Beds. Rgt.  
Hopkins Alan Walter Srgt. 23 1 Scarcroft Hill 10/06/1918 RE KB; SM,SCS
Horsfield Harold Pte. 18 25 Russell St. 23/02/1916 1st/5th bn. WY KB
Howe John William Whlr. 35 1 Russell Street 26/04/1919 RASC  
Hoy Arthur 2/Lt. 25 21 Scarcroft Rd. 16 Beech Av, Holgate 03/11/1916 RE  
Jackson Thomas S.Mjr. 36 15 Brunswick St. 26/01/1915 2 bn. WY KB
Jackson Lawrence Pte. 24 8 Nunnery Lane 03/05/1917 2/5th bn. WY KB, SM
Jackson Mat Wm. Pte. 32 15 Brunswick St 25/04/1918 Australian Bgde KB
Jackson Robert Henry C. S.Mjr. 27 15 Brunswick St. 10/11/1915 Durham LI  
Jackson Stanley Marine Pte. 27 8 Nunnery Lane 23/04/1918 HMS Vindictive KB, SM
Johnson Arthur J. Private   3 Ovington Terrace 06/07/1916    
Johnson J.S. Pte.   2 Beal’s Yard, Dale St. 23/04/1918 HMS Vindictive SM
Johnson Alexander ??? 2/Lt. 27 168 Bishopthorpe Rd. 05/03/1918 ?   KB? SCS
Kelsey John William Lce Corp   28 Adelaide St 11/09/1916 WYR  
Kennedy John Thomas Srgt. 39 33 Albermarle Rd 22/08/1915 6 bn. York & Lancaster KB
Kenny Martin Wm.. Gnr. 32 26 Kensington St. 04/04/1917 RGA KBF
Kew Richard Wallace Gordon Cpl. 27 64 Thorpe St. 16/10/1917 RE KB,LR, FCS
King Arthur Pte. 19 6 Beresford St. 26/08/1918 KOYLI  
Kirk J P unknown   59 Finsbury St unknown unknown  
Knowles John Henry Pte. 21 44 Victoria St. 23/11/1915 1/5 bn. WY KB
Latto Lindsay Robert Joseph. L-Cpl. 27 97 Nunnery Lane 23/04/1917 R. Highlanders KB,St Pauls, Holgate, Basra
Lawler Reginald Pte   9 Spenser St 20/07/1916 Suffolk Regiment  
Lazenby William Pte. 35 ? 22 Colenso St. 03/05/1917 2/5 bn. WY KB
Long Fred Pte. 24 78 Queen Victoria St. 07/01/1917 ? 1/5 bn. WY KB
Long Edward Pte. 23 62 Kensington St. 13/08/1915 1/5 bn. WY KB
March Robert Ernest Bmbr. 39 62 Knavesmire Crescent 23/05/1917 RG Artillery KB,TS
Marsh John William Pte. 37 27 Dove St 19/06/1917 WY KB, SM
Marshall Arthur Pte. 19 2 Teck St. 31/08/1918 London Rgt.  
Marsham Edward Pte.   Dale St 24/09/1918 7 bn. Border TS,SM
Mason Thomas Tpr. 19 59 Caroline St 03/05/1917 H’hold bn. KB
Mitchell John Pte. 19 21 Lower Ebor St 03/07/1916 1/5bn. WY KB, SMSP, SD
Mountain Louis Pte. 24 ? Unknown: probably workhouse 29/12/1914 1 bn. WY SCT, KB
Mountain William Pte. 35 29 /35 Moss Street 04/10/1918 2 btn. Yorks Rgt.  
Moyser Hubert Pte. 22 ? 7 Clement St. 20/02/1916 1/5 bn. WY KB, SCS
Nelson John Walter Staff Sergt   14 Spencer St 02/12/1916 Royal Horse Artillery  
Neilson Arthur. Pte. 28 106 Queen Victoria St 28/06/1917 2 bn. DLI KB
Nelson Roland Cpl. 23 4 Spencer Street 02/10/1918 WYR  
Newton Walter Dvr. 20 39 Kensington St moved to Brunswick St 26/04/1915    
Nicholls Wm. Henry Dvr. 26 22 Ebor St 20/10/1917 RFA KB; TS
Nicholson William Hopper Ftr. 20 38 Victoria St 11/08/1917 RGA KB,SD,
Ogram Arthur L-Cpl. 22 10 Fenwick St. 01/09/1918 London (RF) KB; SCS
Oliver John Pte. 25 4 Lovell Street 28/09/1916 WYR  
Parsons Herbert unknown   8 Southlands Rd April/May 1916 WYR  
Pexton Charles Wm. L.Sto. 35 45 North End Grove North End Portsmouth 26/11/1914 HMS Bulwark Portsmouth Naval, 4
Pickard Walter E. Pte. 19 4 Fenwick St. 13/09/1914 1 bn.Scots Guards KB
Plowman Fred Pte. 32 Slip Inn ? 08/11/1917 KOYLI; and NF  
Pollard George Edwin. Pte. 23 2 Brunswick Terrace/33 Bootham Square 21/03/1918 10 bn. WY KB
Pook Albert E. Cr.Sgt. 35 16 St Clements Grove 12/10/1918    
Porter Edward Pte   25 Victor St 20/09/1914 WYR  
Pounder Alfred William L-Cpl. 20 52 Moss St 27/12/1915 WY KBTS
Pratt Walter Cpl. 30 68 Scott St 07/08/1917 RE KB;TS;SM
Preston Herbert Pte. 30 6 or 9 Cygnet St. 02/09/1916    
Ragen Arthur Srgt. 41 Caroline Street 06/08/1917 Vet Corps  
Ramsdale Wm. Herbert Smith Pte. 26 14 Lower Darnboro’ St 25/04/1917 Seaforth Highlanders KB
Rankeillor George Frederick. Pte. 22 35 Victoria St. 10/11/1917 9 bn. WY KB
Rawling Herbert Pte. 37 62 Russell St. 28/12/1917 DLI/ Labour Corps 38 Co KB
Richardson Linden Srgt. Pilot 19 9 Millfield Rd 24/04/1918 RAF KB. Buried York Cemetery Sec.A Grave 6. 2820
Robinson Donald James Pte   10 Cherry St 11/04/1916 EYR  
Robinson Wm. Henry Rflm. 23 72 Nunthorpe Rd. 15/09/1916 7 bn Rifle Bgde KB
Robinson Harold Norman Pte. 19 23 Charlton St 13/02/1918 Machine Gun Corps KB; SMLG,SCS Cadet @ Arch. Holgate School
Robinson Arthur Pte. 36? 3 Emily St. 12/10/1918 Manchester/WY KB
Ruff Samuel 2/Lt. 24 ‘Belsize‘, 48 Scarcroft Hill 17/11/1916 D of Wellington’s 1st/2nd bn. WR KB
Scott Wallace Able Smn. 29 48 Drake St. 01/11/1914 HMS Good Hope RN KB; Naval Portsmouth,2
Scott Arthur 3rd Mate 19 ‘West Lee’ Nunthorpe Avenue 13/10/1917 SS Eskmere MM KB; Tower Hill London
Seale Albert Pte. 17 8 Beresford Terrace 23/07/1915 WYR  
Sellers Rbt Edwards Pte. 21 47 Swann St. 05/11/1917 9 btn. WY (POWO)  
Seymour Bertram 2/Lt. 19 14 Scarcroft Road 31/07/1917 Machine Gun Corps KB
Sharp William Pte   79 Sutherland St 21/08/1916 WYR  
Shepherd Alfred Henry Pte. 33 14 Knavesmire Cres 06/10/1918 I/8 bn. LF/NF KB (A Freeman)
Siddons William Henry Gnr. 19 38 Vine St. 29/09/1917 RFA KB,SCS
Simpson Lancelot Lance Corpl.   18 East Mount Rd 26/03/1918 North Staffs Regt.  
Sims Wm .Ewart. Pte. 27 20 Moss St 23/04/1917 Kings (L’pool)Cyclist KB;TS
Skilbeck Henry (Harry) Corporal   18 Finsbury St 29/03/1918 RFA  
Smith Arthur Basil L-Cpl. 21 4 Colenso St. 01/12/1917 2 bn Gren. Guards KB
Snowden John Robert Lance Corpl.   38 Finsbury St 06/10/1914 WYR  
Snowden Robert Wm. Pte. 27 6 Dale St. 27/09/1917 8 bn EY KB; SM
Snowden George Fred Pte. 20 6 Dale St. 26/03/1918 EY KB; SM
Stewart Charles Gunner 29 36 Curzon Tce 21/03/1918 RFA 331st Brigade Commemorated on Pozieres Memorial
Stewart John Harper Pte 26 36 Curzon Tce 23/04/1917 WYR 10th Battalion Commemorated on Arras Index
Storey Cedric W J unknown   19 South Parade unknown unknown  
Stroughair Stanley Rflm. 21 13 04/09/1916 11 bn. KRRC  
Taylor George Robert Cpl. 28 16 Victoria St. 24/03/1917 RA ditto
Taylor John Henry Spr. 20 31 Bishopthorpe Road 08/07/1915 RE KB
Thirkwell Thomas Edward Pte.   3 Warwick’s Court, Nunnery Lane 15/02/1915 1bn Yorks & Lancs KB; SM
Thompson Walter Pte. 31 8 Lower Darborough St. 26/04/1918 15/17 bn.WR KB
Toft Arthur Pte. 21 87 Nunnery Lane 19/04/1918 WYR  
Tomlinson John William Pte. 27 35 Caroline St. 22/11/1916 13 bn. (17th?) NF/KOYLI KB TS (as Jack T)
Turpin Arthur Pte   Lower Darnborough St 07/01/1918 DLI  
Vause Thos Walker Pte. 37 ? 85 Nunnery Lane 23/08/1918 1btn Duke of Cornwall KB
Wake Vincent Francis Pte. 20 8 Russell St 12/08/1916 2 bn. WY KB
Walker   Major   Mill Mount House, The Mount unknown unknown  
Webber Frederick Ernest Cpl. 26 1 Brown’s Ct, Swann St. 30/10/1914 2 bn.YR KB;SM (as Webber FW)
Webster Harold Stanley Lt   East Mount Rd 07/08/1917 EYR  
Wharton Fred Pte. 24 ? 2 Dale St. 03/09/1916 ditto KB; SM;TS
White Frank L.     60 Finsbury St 31.03/1915 Scots Guards  
Wilcock Harry Pte. 23 42 Price St. 20/08/1915 1/5 bn. WY KB; SM
Wilcock Reggie Pte. 19 42 Price St. 03/05/1917 2/5bn. WY  
Wilks Joseph Wm. Pte. 38 37 Russell St. 10/05/1917 12 bn. WY  
Willey Arthur Bmbr. 28 43 Curzon Terrace. 11/10/1917 RGA KB; SPT
Williamson John Arthur Pte. 27 37 Argyle St. 09/06/1917 9 bn.Yorks & Lancs KB
Williamson John Srgt. 28 21 Cygnet St. ? 11/05/1916 7 bn. KOSB KB
Winteringham Harold Pte. 24 76 Thorpe St. 04/10/1917 12/13bn. NF KB
Wise William Pte. 28 33 Ebor Street 18/02/1917 WYR  
Wood Ellis Pte.   18 Cygnet St. 04/05/1917 24 bn. NF(Tyneside Irish) St Mary’s B’hill
Wood Arthur Charles L-Cpl.   13 Scarcroft Hill     KB
Wortley Edward Pte. 22 3 Smiths Yd, Swann St. 14/11/1914 2 bn. WY KB; SM
Wright Eric L.Sjt. 20 79 Bishopthorpe Road 13/10/1918 Notts & Derby (SF)  
Young Eric Norman Pte. 28 ? 36 Price St. 12/10/1916 1 bn. WY KB; SM
Young John Douglas Spr. 26 42 Millfield Road 26/09/1916   KB

Key to memorial abbreviations
D Dringhouses
F Fulford
KB Kings Book (facsimile at Minster Library reception. Bring a magnifying glass!)
LR Leeman Road
PN Portsmouth Naval
SB St Barnabas
SC St Clements
SCS St Clements School
SCT St Cuthberts
SD St Denys
SMLG St Martin Le Grand
SM St Mary’s Junior Bishophill
SMSP St Margaret’s with St Peters
SP St Paul’s Holgate
TS Trinity National School WM, Holy Trinity Church, Micklegate
SPT Shipton Street School

Key to military units cited on the database
DLI Durham Light Infantry
EYR East Yorks Regiment
KOYLI Kings Own Yorks Light Infantry
KOSB Kings Own Scottish Borders
KRRC Kings Royal Rifle Corps
NF Northumberland Fusiliers
POWO Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Yorkshire
RE Royal Engineers
RFA Royal Field Artillery
RRF Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
RGA Royal Garrison Artillery
WRR West Riding Regiment
WYR West Yorkshire Regiment